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Custom Balls

Customised Balls: View Our Range Of Custom Designed Cricket Items Here

Customised Balls is a leading company in the market of sports balls that our customers can use in a way that their businesses can fulfil their promotional and marketing requirements. We are based in Melbourne and are offering a wide range of custom designs products that are related to this sports industry. From custom balls to Promotional Cricket Balls to custom design cricket items – we have everything that a sports company needs to promote their business in a cost-effective way. You can view our range of custom designed cricket items here at our website.

Our Team

At Customised Balls, we have employed at a high level of resources in the form of a team of experienced and qualified employees. All of them have been designated with a particular task that has been finalized on the basis of their qualifications, skills, and education. This ensures that the overall outcome that is delivered to the client is near perfect, eliminating any chance of quality degradation or any other complaint. In our team, we have maintained a congenial and proactive environment, which ensures free sharing of ideas that lead us to the top designing plan for the printing of a logo or brand name on the various custom designs, cricket items and sports balls.

Customisation is Our Speciality

From Custom Balls to promotional cricket balls and custom bowling balls – everything is available with us with 100% customisation. Backed by a team of experts and the presence of the latest machines, tools and equipment, we are in the perfect condition to offer customisation to all the customers. In the case of large, bulk or wholesale orders, the overall cost of customisation is quoted at a discounted rate. 

How to Design Your Own Custom Balls?

There are a couple of ways through which you can design your own Custom Balls. If you choose to deal with us- customise balls- then you will have to submit the specific requirements along with the specific values of the custom balls. generally, the information that we seek regarding the designing and manufacturing of custom balls that you can call it your own are listed as follows. In addition to this, in the following table, we have also mentioned some of the material or values as an example for you to better understand the format.

Coverstock TypePolyester
Core Type3-piece
Lane ConditionsDry Lanes/Low Volumes/Spare Shooting
Reaction TypeSmooth and Straight
Flare PotentialLow
FinishHigh Gloss Polish
Weight6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 14lb, 15lb, and 16lb
Drilling OptionsStandard drilling and professional custom drilling

Apart from this, we also accept custom designing of various Customised Balls based on your design ideas and image. You can contact us on phone for the details or simply send us an email with all these details. We are sure to provide you with the best deal and the best product that will be towards the satisfaction of both parties. You can also mention the requirement of drilling insurance, which will increase your cost a little.

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Promotional Cricket Balls

What are Promotional Cricket Balls and Promotional Basketballs?

Promotional balls are trending today do you know why? Because of its uniqueness. Making unique kind of designs and playing with them is fun. Customizing our ideas and making it real on our desired product gives you much more satisfaction. When it comes to the balls, we love to play is the added advantage.

The Customised Ball is a part of the Race Group of Companies in Australia. The company is involved in manufacturing high quality sports goods. These sports goods can be customized as per your thought flow without charging extra for any design. If you are looking for any promotional balls to be done just give a try here.

Promotional Cricket Balls

Promotional Cricket Balls have their specific shape, dimension, and thickness. It cannot be changed by us as they are done based on the specification allocated. But we can make a change in the color, design, and logo and make it a promotional cricket ball. A promotional cricket ball is a ball we can use to show off the logo of our brand, used for the promotional events of the company. As per its name the main usage is the promotion and increase your branding awareness.

Promotional Basketballs

National Basketball Association sets a standard for the circumference of the basketball as 29.5 inches and Women’s National Basketball Association sets a standard as 29 inches which is the maximum. Promotional Basketballs make you build team spirit by supporting your local basketball team, high school players. It promotes your business rapidly and shows them that your company is supporting them which in turn increases your branding. Customised balls make these basketballs with high-quality rubber and have the availability of mini-size 7.

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