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Logo Printing on Balls

The Best Methods to Print Rugby Balls

Logo Printing on Balls Do you know a company proprietor who is passionate about the sport that is played by men? Are you thinking of hosting an event or marketing your business to fans of rugby? There are many ways you can effectively promote your company, brand or event. One inventive method is to imprint your company's logo on a soccer ball. On first glance it might seem like a daunting job, but, believe us that it's not. We'll give you all the details and methods for Logo Printing on Balls.

What are The Two Main Ways to Print Rugby Balls?

What are the two methods to print the rugby ball? There are two common printing techniques to printing a custom-designed image on the ball including screen printing as well as digital printing. Screen printing is defined as heat printing, where heat is utilized to transfer the image onto the ball. In contrast the digital print is more complicated process as the image is printed directly onto the fabric that is attached to the ball.

Screen Printed Rugby Balls

Screen printing is the most popular printing technique for creating your own customized rugby balls. In order to print this kind of printing it is necessary to create the image you wish to print to the ball. If you've created a picture you'd like to use and then transfer it onto the ball. There are numerous methods for transferring a picture to the ball However; the most commonly used method is one that is thermal. What exactly is it? In the beginning, you must place your image on the location you want to print. Once you've located the ideal location, you can apply heat over the location using the image. After a couple of minutes you'll see that your image is an element of the ball. It's an easy procedure that requires no effort or expertise. The only requirement is a device that can be heated to at least 180 degrees Celsius.

Digitally Printed Rugby Balls

Screen printing is performed without the need for special equipment however; it is actually a more recent process that requires costly equipment to print on fabrics. The graphic is processed on computers and then printing on fabric that will later be place on the ball. It's vital to note that this method does not use heating to transfer the graphic. This method directs ink to the fabric that you're planning to use for the Personalised Balls.Keep yourself updated following our Social Page for the latest deals and information.
Custom Basketballs Melbourne Australia

Benefits of Using Promotional Products in Melbourne

For any small business, using promotional products in NH can be an extremely effective marketing tool. And, at Customized Balls, we offer companies a variety of promotional products that they can have custom made with their logo, graphic design, contact information, or any info that will grab your customer’s attention. Whether you’re looking for custom AFL footballs, rugby balls, soccer, basket balls, cricket balls, netballs and all other sports balls with your company logo or design, we can get them made for you in a timely manner that won’t break the bank.In a recent survey, 52% of those surveyed reported that they had a more favorable impression of a company after being given a promotional product and almost 50% reported that they regularly use their promotional product every day.When a company uses promotional products, they see a variety of marketing and advertising benefits.Brand recognition – Every business wants their brand to be well known and to stick in the minds of current and potential customers. When you customize a promotional product that a person uses regularly, your business will be front and center when they’re ready to place an order.Low cost, mass outreach – For many businesses, a large advertising budget is not realistic. For a reasonable cost, your business can have promotional products made that will last for much longer than any paid radio, TV, newspaper, or internet ad.A unique business card – Business cards will always be essential to the success or failure of a business but promotional products are a fun, practical way to widely share your contact information.Effective marketing platform – Promotional products like Custom Basketballs Melbourne Australia add some personality to your business’ marketing strategy. They keep your marketing fresh while giving current and potential customers something fun to remember you by.If you are looking for Logo Printing Sports Balls Melbourne Australia, then you should contact Customised Balls. The company can design & supply all your custom designed promotion balls in a variety of sizes and quantities.
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Personalised Soccer Ball

How to Choose the Custom Soccer Balls

There are many options for soccer balls, including different sizes and quality. It can be difficult to decide which soccer ball is best for you. You can still pick easily if you know your needs. Do you play soccer professionally or for amateur purposes? This is the most important question you should ask before buying a soccer ball.

This Guide will help you Choose the Custom Soccer Balls.

  1. Size
Players' ages affect the size of a Custom Soccer Balls. There are four main sizes of soccer ball that you can purchase for different age groups, even though this might change depending on the match or situation. These are the sizes of soccer balls according to age:Size 1: Also known as mini-soccer balls or soccer balls, the size 1 ball is for recreational use, footwork, decoration, and play soccer. The ball measures approximately 18 to 20 inches.Size 2: A size 2 soccer ball is similar to the size 1. It can be used for both exercise and decorative purposes. It is 20-22 inches in average.Size 3: This size is suitable for players aged under 8. It measures 23 to 24 inches. It is also the smallest soccer ball that can be used in official matches.Size 4: This soccer ball is between 8-12 years old. It also has 25-26 inches.Size 5: The size 5 soccer ball has the largest diameter, measuring between 27 and 25 inches.
  1. Materials
The four main components of soccer balls are the bladder, casing, stitching and lining. These materials will help you choose the best soccer ball. Each can be made from different materials because they offer different options. What does this mean?The casing, also known as a cover or synthetic leather, is made of PVC (polyvinylchloride) or PU (polyurethane). PVC soccer balls can be cheaper and more durable than PU ones. PU soccer balls, however, are more soft and high quality than PVC. Professionals can use synthetic leather soccer balls instead.The bladder is responsible for holding air in a soccer ball. This is either made of latex or butyl. Butyl bladders work better for air retention. However, latex bladders provide a high surface tension and appeal to professionals.Stitching: There is a choice between hand-stitched and machine-stitched soccer ball stitching. While machine-stitched soccer balls are more common and economical, hand-stitched ones are strong, expensive, and traditional.Lining: This material determines the strength of the soccer ball. Between the bladder and the cover, there are many layers of lining. The number of layers in a soccer ball can help you determine its quality. It should have four layers or more to be considered a professional soccer ball. Those with fewer layers can be considered exercise soccer balls.
  1. Uses
Another important factor to consider when buying a soccer ball is its intended use. It is best to select a soccer ball that is specifically designed for your type of play. If you are a professional player, then you will want to choose this type of Logo Balls. You can also buy training balls if you are just training.Keep yourself updated following our Social Page for the latest deals and information.
Custom Logo Balls

Methods of Logo Printing on Balls

Custom Logo Balls The process of printing something that is unique to the preferences of a person on a ball for sports is the customizing of the ball. Nowadays we are able to find promotional material everywhere even though it's the shape of a ball for sports. If a ball has been printed to promote a cause it will be referred to as Promotional Custom Made Balls; This method is extremely helpful in promoting your brand on the marketplace.

Printing Types On Balls For Sports: -

Here are a few ways of printing on a soccer ball. There are generally two kinds of printing. The first is traditional printing and the other can be digital.1. Traditional Printing: This kind of printing technique is mostly used to print two-dimensional or simple prints on balls. The printing of a company's logo on a ball is achieved using this method. In thisprocess, first the logo that is required to print onto the ball engraved onto the vinyl or rubber. Then , the stamp is vigorously pressed against the ball, and it will hold the temperature high for approximately 10 minutes. The image will be placed put on the ball, and after that, it is kept in a cool place. The logo that is printed using this method won't last for long. After a few days of use the logo, it is removed off the ball. Therefore, this kind of printing is mostly used for basketballs, soccer balls or rugby balls.2. Digital Printing is the most efficient method to print on the ball. This method makes use of high-performance printers. This technique can be used to print a precise logo, detailed images 3D images, as well as logos on sports balls. This requires you to transfer the image to the printer and it prints a duplicate of the image onto the ball. This method is more expensive than traditional printing. The digitally printed logo will last longer than a conventionally printed one since this superior quality of ink printed on the ball of the sport. This kind of printing is utilized primarily to advertise a logo on a ball for sports. If you're willing to print on your sport ball, you can look up Logo Balls and Custom Logo Balls.The printing or personalization of on a ball for sports is typically intended for promotion such as sponsorship, promotion of brands and, if you're an avid sports enthusiast, then it's to make you happy. Here are some methods of printing on a sport ball.Keep yourself updated following our Social Page for the latest deals and information.
Personalized Balls

Benefits of Personalized Golf Balls

The idea of ordering personalized golf balls to use as souvenirs, gifts, or even oficial golf balls in hole-in-one events or any other gatherings is a fantastic idea.Service providers who offer personalized golf balls provide options for printing images, logos, or even words that are based on the client's instructions. Golf ball prints that are personalized come in a range of colors. You can get them printed with either a single or combination of colors you like. You can get the golf ball printed using black, red, green or a different color or any mix of all of them, based on the stores that offer this type of service.The golf balls you design could be printed in your company's logo using a font that you prefer. You can request your service provider to print your business's logo and tagline on these golf balls. If you don't have a company you want to promote you could just request that your name or your friends' names printed on your golf balls. These are great for souvenirs.If you'd like to utilize customized golf balls as your official golf balls at the golf course of your company or your group of friends playing golf that should not be an issue. Golf balls that are personalized are extremely durable, just like regular commercial golf balls that are available in stores, on the internet or in other places.Personalized Balls for golf can be purchased in sets, too. You can purchase your customized golf balls sets of 12 or more. You can also order personalized packages that are offered by certain retailers.They're also as fashionable as normal golf balls, and if not and even more fashionable than the ones they replace. The experience of having your personal logo and seal on a ball in a highly prestigious game is a lot of fun. This is one of the reasons why the idea of personalizing golf balls a smart deal.Custom Logo Balls that are personalized could be sent to your customers, too. This is an excellent idea particularly if that your clients are golfers. It is also possible to offer these golf balls to close friends, relatives, and family members. They'll be thrilled to receive the golf balls due to the creativity and thoughtfulness all rolled up into one with customized golf balls. Plus, what else can you ask for? Following the match, you could gift them to your family and friends to keep as souvenirs.
Logo Balls

How To Print Logos On Football Balls?

Is it true that you are an entrepreneur or enthusiastic golfer who'd prefer to flavour things up a little and design your own golf balls? These days, promotional content is present everywhere, which is a normal thing, even on golf balls. If you own a business that sells golf gear, printing your organization's logo on a golf ball may be an extremely successful decision for your business. We should talk about various, best ways to print on a golf ball.

Two Printing Methods

Talking about imprinting on a golf ball, there are two broadly popular strategies - screen printing and digital printing. There is a great deal of discussion on which process has more calibre and delivers better performance. Basically, its answer thoroughly relies upon the motivation behind printing the balls.Let us try to understand these two printing techniques in a better way and decide for ourselves which is the best one to print logos on golf balls. Let us start with the screen printing technique.
  • Screen printing is a pervasive technology for promotional golf balls. In case your requirement is to print a small and non-detailed graphic (organization's logo) then, screen printing is the best printing method to go with. 
  • Screen printing is a less expensive and way quicker technique. 
  • A printed graphic does not last for long but ensures wonderful print quality.
Now let us talk about the second printing method of digital printing. 
  • With digital printing, it is possible to directly print on a material of the golf ball. 
  • In digital printing, powerful printers are used that have the ability to directly apply the pre-planned graphic to the material. 
  • It is a costly strategy, however, you can print wonderful and detailed designs on the golf balls.

More About Digital Printing on Football Balls

From the two mentioned digital printing methods, digital printing is a newer and more effective one. With this technology, it is possible to print detailed and complex graphics with more perfection. There is no requirement of the temperature for the purpose of transferring the graphic onto the golf ball’s surface. Digital Printing allows us to print sophisticated and colourful designs that give a realistic look. Furthermore, the digitally printed golf balls have superior quality. Also, the longevity is much more in these types of printed balls.Digital printing is not for small or individual orders; it is suitable only for large orders. The reason behind this is the use of costly equipment to print the golf balls.

Whom to Contact for Custom Footballs With Your Logo Printed Onto Each Football?

Customised Balls is a reputed company based in Victoria, Australia. It is offering a wide range of Logo Balls that are categorized under basketball, cricket ball, football, promotional balls, rugby ball, and soccer ball. You can contact this company for custom footballs with your logo printed on each football. These Custom Printed Footballs are suitable for the marketing and promotional purposes of your company. You can give them away at various events or present them to the winner of a football match.Keep yourself updated following our Social Page for the latest deals and information.
Custom Logo Balls

How to Choose the Right Sports Ball for Printing?

The market is flooded with a series of products and items that are used by the companies for their promotional and marketing requirements. One of the common products is known as sports balls, such as cricket balls, soccer balls and rugby balls, to name a few. These balls are designed with attractive prints. If you are managing a business that is dealing with football equipment, then it is an ultimate win for your business. If you choose to give away soccer balls that are printed with your brand name or the company's logo. In this article, we are going to talk about different ways on how to choose the right sports ball for printing. 

How to choose the Custom Logo Balls printing company?

First PointIt is important to choose the right sports ball before you decide to get it printed. The material of construction and size of the sports balls are very important & must be given priority. However, there are hosts of other crucial features that play a vital role in choosing the right sports ball for printing.The industry for sports balls such as soccer, cricket, rugby and other balls is growing at a drastic pace and so there is a tremendous diversity of material available for these balls. Let's take the example of soccer balls. The best quality ones are made using synthetic leather, however, nowadays you can easily find numerous cheaper alternatives. These are developed using inexpensive synthetic leather which is used as polyvinyl chloride or even rubber. Prior to emphasising its design, it is highly suggested to finalize your budget and the material off the ball on which logo or the brand of your company will be printed.Second PointSize is the second parameter that is important in selecting the right sports for printing. Continuing with our previous example of soccer balls, if you are targeting an event of a football tournament for children, then you should consider giving away those balls that are smaller in size. In the case of a futsal tournament, futsal sized balls will serve your marketing purpose. The purpose for which you are printing your logo on the sports balls is the deciding factor in choosing the right size. The size of a standard soccer ball ranges from 27 to 28 inches in diameter.

Logo Printing on Balls in Australia

If you are searching for the best Custom Logo Balls printing company in Australia, then you should check out “Customised Balls”. We are a leading company which is offering the service of Logo Printing on Balls. It is the common issue with all the clubs that they lose a higher amount of balls, especially the match balls, over the course of a season. In this case, tracking of balls is very difficult and hence new purchase is required, which increases the budget exponentially. By taking our services, you can get your own logo balls that will make them very easy to track and hence save you a lot of money in the long run. Further, we also ensure that all our custom logo balls are very durable and will surely impress you.Keep yourself updated following our Social Page for the latest deals and information.
Print On Football

Target the Right Market With Customised Balls

The sports industry is very huge and so is the number of players and other people involved in it. With such a humongous presence, it is very important to strategize your business approach if you want to reach the proper audiences and get your company noticed. Promotional products in the sporting industry are one opportunity that no one can ever afford to miss. Among sports like cricket, football, and basketball, the one common thing is the ball.Customised balls are the most popular promotional items, not just with the businesses but also with the players and spectators. Such types of balls are such a fun and revelatory improver to the game and gaming equipment that, as a promotional item, they deliver a noteworthy ROI. With the correct custom logo ball alternatives, your organization will be able to convey its message - on the field and off. With extraordinarily competitive costs and delivery alternatives, custom promotional logo suppliers can help you make an intense and customized expression.

Print On Football

You will come across suppliers who not just promptly present and have a noticeable plan of action, but also offer top-notch balls to convey your organization logo. When you or your clients go out for a day, then your company will be represented in the best conditions. You should simply search around to ensure that you have the best item. Apart from personalized and promotional balls, many companies offer an assortment of other accessories that are included with the logo. With the right selection of marketing products, you will ensure the best results and profits for your company.Customised Balls is a Melbourne based company that is offering the service of printing Logos On Balls of cricket, soccer, etc. All the balls offered by us are completely printed according to the business needs and specifications of customers. We have the ability to Print On Football as well. You can give these balls at any sporting event at the national, school, or college level. For the size of the balls, kindly contact us. We will readily help you with the best quotation and suggestion.Keep yourself updated following our Social Page for the latest deals and information.
Personalised Basketball Gear in Australia

Advertise Your Brand With Promotional Sports Items

If you choose sports promotional items for the purpose of advertisements, then they will yield great returns. These items are good not just for small businesses but also for multi-million corporate houses. The type of results that businesses receive from customised sports items is truly remarkable, even when compared to those marketing campaigns on which extra money is spent.

The traditional ways of promoting a brand, products, and services were through TV, newspapers, magazines. There have been cases when these conventional ways have failed to deliver results, even with high investment. The new way of marketing is known as sports items that deliver results in a much better way compared to traditional ways, along with demanding very little investment.

In fact, promotional sports items are instrumental in making a memorable marketing impact with fewer investments and positive results. The businesses, especially those related to sports, have the option of targeting the people, team, leagues, and companies related to sporting activities. Nowadays, Promotional Footballs are gaining more popularity throughout the world. These balls are available in various sizes and are printed with your businesses logo or name.

It is evident that people remember and prefer those brands that are associated with their favourite ones. So it demands a little tactical approach to target the sporting events and audiences that might be interested in your brand. In line with this, you need to choose the sporting items tactically and get your logo printed from a reliable company.

Advertise Your Brand With Custom Logo Balls

Let us have a look at some of the other sporting goods and accessories that can be used to advertise your brand.

  • Water Bottles: One of the most popular advertising sporting items is water bottles. These are available in a host of colours, sizes, and shapes. Because of this huge variety, the sports water bottles look more attractive and a pleasure to carry around. This is what makes them the best promotional products for your sporting brand. Not just logo, you can also get a small message printed on them.

  • T-shirts: These are the most common advertising products that are used not just by sports companies but by other businesses as well. Many companies get their logo printed on the sports jerseys of various teams (soccer, cricket, basketball etc.) that gives them worldwide promotion.

  • Wristbands: These fall under the low-cost sport promotion items. Teenagers and younger generations prefer wearing waistbands. So it is important to choose the right material, style, design and colour that appeals to them.

Final Words

Customised Balls is a renowned company based in Australia that is offering different types of customised balls that are printed with the logo or name of your businesses. We are doing the printing via the heat transfer rubberised process. The custom logo printing on the balls is done completely as per your requirements. If you are searching for Custom Logo Balls in Australia, then you should contact us. We assure to suffice your requirements and quote best prices for your personalised requirements. Using our services, you will be able to advertise your brand with the best quality promotional sports items.

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