Why Logo Printing for the ball is done?

Print On Football

Why Logo Printing for the ball is done?

Logo printing can be used as a way to increase your organization name or your brand name, so it can be done creatively as per your requirements.

Steps to create own customized soccer ball print

Creating the logo for your soccer is a dream for many football lovers. So here we have given steps on how to create Print On Football.

  1. Imagine and create the design: Visualize your design and create it on paper, or get it done by some professional logo artist for you. As graphic designing tools are there which will be helpful.
  2. Screen print the desired graphic: Before tampering with the soccer ball itself, you need to transfer the desired graphics. Once you select your graphics, screen print the logo on the easy weed stretch. Now, you have a sticker with your logo.
  3. Use hotfix tape and scissors: Now adjust the size of the sticker for your soccer ball. Grab hotfix tape and use scissors to cut off an area a bit larger than your sticker.
  4. Stick the new combination: Stick this combination on the ball. You don’t want to apply a lot of pressure.
  5. Check for the sticker if it melts: Do a sort of test run for the graphics transfer process. Take the mini crafting tool and apply a little heat to the sticker area to see if it melts.
  6. Heat transfer the desired graphic: Once you determine that everything is going fine. You can continue using the mini crafting tool if your graphic is small enough. Otherwise, use the regular household iron toheat transfer your print to the soccer ball.
  7. Check for the bubbles: Printing is going good if the ball is not showing any bubbles and no adjustment is needed.
  8. Removal of tape: Before you deal with the bubbles on the ball, you will need to take the hotfix tape off.
  9. Removal of the remaining bubble: Pinch the bubbles with a pick tool to make them disappear. Repeat this step until all the bubbles are gone or hidden from plain sight. Kick the ball to check if the place where your logo is located is stable enough. With this, you have created your Personalized Balls.

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